Pay-Per-Click(PPC) & Paid Search Management Agency

Our PPC strategy will allow you to build your digital presence and maximize your advertising budget to the next level. We use the power of PPC Advertising on several platforms (Google, Bing, Facebook) to increase the brand awareness of your company. We will be able to supply high quality leads using advanced targeting strategies. Our team at Wugo Media Group has managed over 7 Figures in Ad Spend. If Wugo Media Group is operating your marketing spend & strategy, you can sleep well at night knowing your advertising budget is being well spent.uild your digital presence and maximize your advertising budget to the next level.


In this new decade, a modern business needs to be smarter than their competition in order to survive. For pay per click management, it is necessary to be specialized. We will design and run your campaings strictly based on your industry. Our very talented Ad account managers will work with you, so you stay ahead of the competition.

Landing Pages

We create the best and most engaging landing pages for your business. The leads genereted from these landing pages will be of a higher quality. We will consistantly be optimizing the conversion rates (CRO). ..

Targeting the Audience for You

In order to receive the most of your campaign, you have to know your audience. There are several factors that you need to consider when building a campaign such as age, gender, etc. We will help you to attract the group that will be the most profitable for your company.


We frequently report any major findings we discover and determine how it effects your business. Our clients have full access to their ad account. We have monthly reports with our clients to show the results.