eCommerce Sales Increased by over 73.55%. Cost per Sale Down 64.31%

1. Background

This eCommerce business sells jewelry to consumers. The owner had been running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search and Shopping campaigns with minimal results, getting an average Cost per Acquisition (CPA) of $83.12. Disappointed with the lack of success, they decided to partner up with Wugo Media Group.

2. Objective

Our objective was to raise sales and uplift the average CPA across the Paid Search and Shopping campaigns.

3. Strategy

The previous PPC Search campaign was set to target a multiple r products. This is a common mistake in smaller self-managed campaigns. This arise from the idea that increasing the number of products advertised will increase the total sales. However, this is usually not the case unless the company has a large budget. When we took charge over the Ad account, our main focus was targeting top-level keywords and focus on the broader keywords that the Shopping campaign didnt utilize. We revamp the ads for the PPC campaign using the new improved format and made sure that we had issued the relevant ad extensions.

The Google Shopping campaign was originaly designed to encourage every product on the website. With a limited budget, this resulted in the client immediately hitting their maximum spend each day, and meant they were losing out on crucial conversions for their best-performing products. We dedcided to categorize the products into common product groups and concentrate specifically on promoting the bestsellers, and those with the greatest ROI. We also regulated the bids to guarantee that the bestselling product group ads would become more noticeable in Search Engines. Using the historical data collected from the previous campaigns, we built an ad schedule to guarantee that we were bidding more during times that had previously led to the highest volume of sales. This allowed us to maintain our daily budget and minimize spending .

4. Results

The results of modifications we made to the campaign were incredible. After one month, sales had increased by 73.55%, while the average CPA had dropped by 64.31%. This was the highest level of sales the company had seen during their history of running Paid Search campaigns, and it also meant that they earned a positive ROI after simply one month of our management.